Laura Kansanen-Stavale
I am a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. You're most welcome to see my work. Please enjoy your visit.
laika started as my alter-ego a long time ago. She is a mixed breed of wolf, fox and a dog. She got wings in the early 90’s and later when I got on the Internet that seemed like a good username since the name comes from my first, middle and last name, Laura I. Kansanen.
If you ever run into laika take my advice and be somewhat careful, since she’s known to be.. um.. unpredictable..
I am originally a painter and that’s where the roots of my work lie.
I work with pens and pencils, paints and inks, photographs and Photoshop. All sorts of materials. I like mixing things, I like layers and I like colours.
You can find my work at the Arthoteque, maintained by the Helsinki Artist Association
I admire many artists and designers but the biggest influence, mentor and idol in my whole life has been Peppi Pitkätossu – Pippi Långstrump – Pippi Longstocking by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. I spent my childhood being Pippi. 
I like animals. As a kid I went through life having mice, hamsters, dogs, bunnies and couple of pet rats. I currently own two medium sized poodles and they model for me quite a bit.
I also like computer games and I play World of Warcraft.
I hope you like what you see. Any questions? Interested in purchasing my work? Please feel free to contact me. Thanks for checking my page.
Laura K-S
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